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Future Prospects And Our Plan: Smart Targetting Of Third World Computing, Russia And China - Yet Highly Popular Concept In The West!

JTMOS Operating System:
Intrigue Simplicity Boxed

Because Having Only Two Choices Is A Definite Monopoly Market...

Virtualization of Games, Applications, Multimedia And Lot's Of Fun!

OVER MILLION APPLICATIONS & GAMES AND A STRONG USERBASE. We have a decication of supporting legacy gaming system virtualization of likes of Amiga 500/600/1200, Commodore 64/128, MS-DOS PCs, and etra.

Our strategic strength in technology lies at deeply integrating our desktop operating system with the user interfaces of the virtualized environments. This is done via, for example, rocksolid Intel Hardware Virtualization Technology, Bytecode-based Basic Programming Language, and endess number of legacy system simulation and emulator software on the markets.
One of the operating system features is to make applications and drivers easily programmabble in our Commodore Business Machines CBMVM Basic Programming Language, originally bought from Microsoft - about 100 computer systems used this paricular programming language with millions of applications available to use.

Our speciality is to directly support a bytecode language of Basic - this makes execution of the basic programs faster than it would be to actually emulate the whole computer system - therefore it is lightning fast providing the benefit of legacy system support in the 21st century.

Absolute Legacy Support

Can't Afford The Latest Hardware?
Forget Windows! Legacy Support At Core Available

Yes, technology indeed is rapidly advancing, but have you ever actually been wondering why your computer is getting increasingly slower by the time? This is where we come in, we want to stop your new, unprofessionally implemented, software making good brand hardware obsolete.

We aim to continue to support for vital systems that have no future with common mainstream products like Linux or Windows - because those two are very monolothic in nature.

And Whats Best: Our Pruduct Is Much Faster To Use Than Competiting Linux And Windows Operating Systems - with deep integrated high-performance virtualization of yet this scale to be done from the competitors. 

Virtualization Is Our Common Shared Future.


Expanding Rapidly:
Because Of The Availability And The Rest Is Virtualized

JTMOS growth is highly focusing on the technologies we use in all day life ourselves, if we won't use it we won't ship it, and this is how we can expand at even higher pace - availability is guaranteed and rest of the demand is virtualized.

We support popular gaming platforms and technologies like Amiga, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, Apple, Sinclair, Amstrad, Intel, AMD, Borland, Creative, and almost all necessary major technologies available for a high quality unforgottable legacy gaming support.

Satisfied Customers: Targetting Huge Existing Userbase And Availability Of Applications

Millions Of Applications And Games Are Being Supported Via Virtualization Of Legacy Systems

Via virtualizing all major gaming systems on the market, we aim to conquer the userbase via applications and games already existing.

Yet, to run your favourite MS-DOS applications and games, on your old PC with only 16 Mb RAM - this is now possible with our product. This is not natively supported in Windows 10 unlike in the JTMOS.

You can play millions of Commodore games from Amiga and Commodore business machines.

Your basic programs are faster than Java - this is much to do with the core nature of supporting legacy technologies - not everything new is actually any better than the old, yet we are supporting existing virtualization technologies like Intel Virtualization Technology.

GEOS and GEM desktop virtualization support included.

Investments Contact - System Virtualization Specialists

Feel The Bright Future In The Virtualization, Gaming And Multimedia Market With Us!

Be Truly Free, Send All Your E-Mail Suggestions. We Are Expanding Rapidly and Looking For All Open-Minded And Broad Investors. And Hiring System Virtualization, OSDEV Specialists At The Moment.

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